What’s your opinion?

We are excited to have a diverse group of companies, individuals and organizations as members of the Portland West Rail + Trail Alliance. Each has a unique reason for joining: from concerns over growing problems with traffic congestion going into and out of the greater Portland area, to frustrations over perceived lack of plans to manage additional vehicles, and struggles to find and provide ample parking for individuals, employees and clients. We received the following from Tilson, a growing technology company that refers to itself as ‘agents of change’. Tilson handles network deployment, IT professional services and government consulting and was recognized in summer, 2019 on the Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. It is the 9th consecutive year that Tilson has been named to this list. Additionally, Tilson achieved Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform competency, placing Tilson among the top 1 percent of Microsoft partners worldwide and demonstrates “best-in-class” ability to meet Microsoft Corp. customers’ evolving needs in today’s digital world.

This is Tilson’s opinion of the need for commuter rail service between Portland and Westbrook:

Tilson is a high-growth company providing network deployment and information system professional services to telecom, construction, utility and government clients. Our headquarters sit at 16 Middle Street and we are thrilled to be part of Portland’s vibrant downtown scene. Tilson currently has about 160 employees in Maine and more than 15 open positions in Portland. As we have continued to grow, so has Portland.
We recruit talented individuals to come to Maine and offer parking as one of many benefits to our Portland-based employees. Unfortunately, we are faced with the same problem as many other local businesses and individuals – a lack of available, walkable parking. Many lots and garages are oversold, and employees have trouble finding parking even in their designated lot; a spot our company is paying for. As new companies open offices near the waterfront and in downtown Portland, the already limited pool of available parking continues to dwindle and even our local, small business neighbors are getting pushed out of their own city. To add to this problem, increased traffic into the city particularly during the morning and afternoon rush hours makes it difficult for our employees to get to their designated parking area and into the office in a timely manner. Many of our employees have shared their frustrations about these issues and the need for a solution that addresses these problems.
The rail is an excellent alternative method of transportation between Westbrook and Portland. This passenger rail system will be a great option for our current and future employees as it will ease their daily commutes, reducing the impact of heavy traffic and parking struggles that now have unintended consequences for all of Portland and Maine’s workforce development efforts. Tilson is pleased to support this, and we encourage businesses in the area to join the PWR Alliance and become part of the solution to Portland’s transportation problem.

Adria Horn
VP Workforce Tilson